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I'm a stalker!

Just joined, and I am hoping for input on an awkward situation:

Last year was my first year away at college, where I found out indirectly that a certain girl thought I was cute (I am also a girl, by the way). At the time I had a girlfriend and was too shy to approach this person anyway, even just to become friends.

At some point I discovered that the girl had a LiveJournal. For months I harbored a secret crush on her (though I didn't know too much about her and had never spoken to her) and longed to know what was in the journal. Shamefully, I ended up making a fake user account and asked her to add me -- of course, she just assumed I was some stranger from far away.

With access to the locked entries, I read that she had actually had a crush on me for a while, and I was flattered. The new information gave me the guts to go and talk to her, albeit 6 months after the fact and about a week before summer. We talked a few times after that, and then the school year ended.

I have since forced myself to stop reading her journal, to stop logging into the fake account. The problem is that I now have a bunch of facts about her that otherwise I would not have known, and if I pursue a friendship or even more with her next year, it will be hard to keep this a secret.

So, basically: How would you feel if you were in her situation and I broke this news to you? (As a socially inept person, I have NO IDEA what to do or how much this would freak her out.)
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