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Umm, Hello..

Since, there hasn't been a post in forever.. i figure I will post a small introduction.
I've always been rather shy. And by shy I mean, if i'm out in public and someone looks at me or even talks to me..i'll turn 45 different shades of red. I get the line "are you ok? can you breathe?" a lot.

In school, i had a ton of friends and was actually quite comfortable in large groups of people and enjoyed the random days where i'd be alone in public people-watching and so on. I think because school was a form of forced social situations, i eventually got out of being a Social Stumblebum.

I graduated and moved in with my boyfriend at the time and it was a totally different town and everyone suddenly became creepy and I never left exceopt to go to work and eventually work creeped me out and my relationship fell apart. I moved in with a friend and eventually that became a relationship and i've been here 3 years and have only been outside on my own a total of maybe 5 times.
I WANT to be social. I want to have friends and I have dreams of at least being a local artist..and how in the world am i going to do that if I don't even like going outside to get my mail? And don't even get me started about the phone. Thank the gods for caller-ID.

Anyhoo.. I refuse to take medication.. so has anyone else come up with any fun ways to let go of themselves and not become a trembling,tomato red mess?
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