just another statistic (user5304792) wrote in socially_inepts,
just another statistic

social drain

Here's something taken from an article that somebody posted something about in a hermits community.

"Extroverts gain energy by being out and about," but "being with people takes energy from introverts, and they need to get away to restore that energy."

And that just made me realize something.

I have really weird sleep habits that usually have me getting really good sleep through parts of the day and having a hard time sleeping at night.

Even when I don't sleep during the day, my night sleep just doesn't tend to be as good as my day sleep.

I think it's because at night I'm pretty much alone since everybody is asleep so I'm energized, and in the day time w/ everybody up and about I feel drained.


I was just wondering, does anybody else experienced something similar?

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