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This is a community for the socially inept--that is, people who have problems interacting with other people. This is NOT a place for people to mock the populace; it is a place for people who would LIKE to be able to interact with other people but have trouble doing so to vent their frustrations and seek tips/tricks and support, etc.

How to know if you're a social stumblebum
1.) If you're meeting someone new and thinking "Gee, I like this person, wait, my hair, wait, what's their name, oh my god I forgot their name this is horrible oh no oh no wait they just asked me a question what did they ask oh no I WAS PROBABLY GOING TO MARRY HIM/HER AND NOW I'M NOT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" then you may be a social stumblebum.

2.) If you generally think that people who are flirting with you are staring at some sort of disgusting growth you're not aware of, then you may be a social stumblebum.

3.) If you often say to people "Gee, that was a stupid thing to say" and they stoically agree, then you may be a social stumblebum.

4.) If you get drunk to lessen social inhibitions, then you may be an alcoholic social stumblebum (there will be special meetings for this sub-group).

5.) If you spend large quantities of time imagining what it would be like to have friends, then you may be a very lonely social stumblebum (thank goodness for livejournal, savior of the social stumblebum!)

So, greetings, and may we help each other to gain surer social footing!